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All patent applications begin with a search to see if anything similar is registered. Before investing in a patent application, it is strongly advised by all National Patent Offices that you obtain a search to see what, if any, other pending or granted patents are worth reviewing to ensure that your patent will be granted if constructed correctly, or if your idea is not worth pursuing as others have got there first.

Depending on your view of the coverage of your idea, you can search one or a number of national or international registries to assess the amount of similar patents. If you wish, you can start this search yourself by using the search function below.

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There are many things that need to be considered when registering a patent and these vary depending on the invention and funds that are available to the owner. The key is to be clear what protection you need (e.g. are you worried a competitor is developing something similar or that a supplier may take your idea for themselves?) and to set out a plan to ensure that you obtain the protection at a suitable time to ensure that your idea is as safe as possible and at a reasonable price given the potential rewards. Before you start on this process you are likely to want to check if the investment is going to be worth it and that is where a Patent search will provide you with information on granted and pending patents and their similarity to your idea.

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One Stop IP will provide the data of the search alongside relevant attorney opinion to help you decide on your options to proceed.

One Stop IP can help by giving you a clear picture of the costs of Patent registration, so that you can decide if the investment justifies the potential rewards. In the first instance Request a quote by clicking the target button below, or click the question mark above to Ask a question. If you are unsure, follow this link to get started > and have our intuitive form show you where you need to start.

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Through this search function, you can begin to assess whether there are any similar products existing.

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For a search that results in assessment of the closest match to your subject matter, other similar registrations that have been filed and approved as well as different jurastictions and timescales, use the quote function below, this provides the added benefit of a professional opinion and direction on your next steps.

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