BRITISH BRAND POPAGAMI LAUNCHES A CRAFT KIT COLLECTION FOR CHILDREN ON Founded by Brain Smith in 2008 in the heart of West Sussex, Popagami is the registered trade name for animal fun activities based on a traditional Japanese 3D origami design, updated for the 21st century. Craft kits, designed and produced by Good Egg under licence from Popagami were launched in November 2014 on ‘Not On The High Street’


Popagami asked One Stop IP to assist with setting-up licence agreements to allow third parties to develop products based on the Popagami theme and branded with their identity to exploit new market opportunities. One Stop IP has safeguarded all elements of the brand and its trademarks for licensee use, ensuring flexibility to develop innovative ideas without undermining the brand integrity whilst defining financial arrangements.


To consolidate the existing IP assets, including domains, trademarks and designs, and work together with One Stop IP to develop an intellectual property strategy appropriate for a growing company with ambitions to trade in global markets. Popagami is also collaborating with charities and commercial enterprises to develop promotional items requiring IP protection on both sides.