CSR award image

Innovation Award
of £10,000

One Stop IP Award - £10,000 worth of
services against our CSR programme to an
innovative company.

Entry deadline to this season’s award 30th September 2015.

Tell us why you will benefit from the services; and we will guarantee a rapid assessment of all applications during the quarter and decision on the most deserving case by the first week of the following quarter.


  • Open to any company irrespective of size, operating in any sector
  • Companies can only win the award once
  • One Stop IP will be the sole arbitrators of the award decision and will base selection on the innovation; and the opportunity to build intellectual property value
  • In the case of any queries or comments on the award, One Stop IP will reviewand provide a summary of the decision made based on the assessment. This will not affect the outcome of the decision made
  • Winning Companies agree to participate in a short Case Study describing the issues, solutions and impact, and agree to publicity of the award via social media and other conventional channels, whilst respecting any commercial confidentialities
  • All applicants will be informed of the results for each season’s award within 7 days of the closing date
  • All application details will remain completely confidential and only details agreed with the company and One Stop IP may be used for a case study
  • Services are defined for this award to be Consulting Services and will not include payment of statutory fees or registration related to IP or other business requirements
  • At the discretion of One Stop IP, this award can be withdrawn, amended or modified as agreed by the Executive of One Stop IP

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