Corporate Social Responsibility Programme (CSR)

Introducing our Innovation Award of £10,000
worth of IP services

One Stop IP’s CSR programme is integrated into our business model to give back to the innovation community through an integrated approach involving: People, technology, resources and funding.

Early stage innovation and companies often require complex work with intellectual property at a time when they cannot afford it and their focus is on getting the business off the ground and profitable, paying the wage bill each month and other immediate priorities.

As a result IP is frequently not optimised with the business strategy, often neglected, and not addressed early enough to optimise value and protection.

To help innovation, and early stage companies One Stop IP provides some critical pro bono services which include:

  • A free IP audit and health check
  • IP workshops & seminars
  • Access to our technology portal for license & contract management
  • Access to our technology portal for budget forecasting and portfolio management
  • Risk Assessment


Through the One Stop CSR programme you can get access to IP experts who have a wealth of knowledge on all aspects of IP and most importantly they can put this into a commercial context to optimise the IP value for your business.


One Stop IP CSR provides access to its novel technology portal where you can manage all of your IP in one place; budgets and forecasts for the portfolio; and manage all your licenses and contracts simply online.


One Stop IP CSR provides access to knowledge resources to help solve your issues; as well as employee inspired and organised charity events and sponsorship.

One Stop IP has placed 1% of its share capital into a Trust Fund. Over time this will provide funding for additional projects.


One Stop IP work with a number of bodies that provide funding and can help facilitate investment Support

Innovation Award of £10,000

Each season One Stop IP Awards £10,000 worth of services against our CSR programme to an innovative company. Click the banner to read more or apply here >