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There are many things that need to be considered when registering a patent and these vary depending on the invention and funds that are available to the owner. The key is to be clear what protection you need (e.g. Are you worried that a competitor is developing something similar or that a supplier may take your idea for themselves?) and to set out a plan to ensure that you obtain the protection at a suitable time to ensure that your idea is as safe as possible and at a reasonable price given the potential rewards.

Before you start on this process you are likely to want to check if the investment is going to be worth it and that is where a Patent search will provide you with information on granted and pending patents and their similarity to your idea. Once you have decided you want to proceed with Registration there are a number of areas that you need to consider.

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The simplest point to start is a UK Patent registration. However, this will not cover method or process patents, as these are not applicable in the EU but are available in the USA. The act of registering will establish your priority right to be the patent holder and ensure that if you have the application granted, you will have priority to register in other jurisdictions. In other words, you claim the right to be the first to file.

If you feel that your idea has a broad application and that the value and speed to revenue are such that you need more international protection as quickly as possible, then you may look to include a UK registration as part of a European Patent application or an International PCT application that will facilitate the process of applying in other countries.

If you already have a Patent and are looking to validate in other countries, you will need the main element that set out the claim of your idea, together with any associated illustrations. If the application is to be made in a foreign language, there will be a need to have a Translation completed and then Proof Reading to ensure the sense of the Patent claims descriptions remain consistent.

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