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The process of registering a Domain is relatively straightforward. There are many things that need to be considered and these vary depending on the type of Domain and funds that are available to the owner. The key is to be clear what protection you need (e.g. are you worried a competitor taking the domain or that a supplier may take your domain for themselves?) and to set out a plan to ensure that you obtain the protection at a suitable time to ensure that your domain is as safe as possible and at a reasonable price given the potential rewards.

Before you start on this process you are likely to want to check if the investment is going to be worth it and that is where a whois Domain search will provide you with information on granted and pending Domains and their similarity to your idea.

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One Stop IP can help by giving you a clear picture of the costs of Domain Registration. One Stop IP offers a service of registering a domain with any national registry and holding the information to ensure that the renewal and on-going management are straightforward.

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